Growing up my family was a regular client to real estate. A weekend did not go by where we did not take a 'Sunday drive' to look for properties. From six or seven years-old, and on, I would look forward to those drives as it was always an adventure.  After all, purchasing real estate is an adventure and for most, the largest investment you will make. Granted this is not the adventure I was referring to when I was six, but regardless my childhood undoubtedly led to my love for real estate. It wasn't long til I would run through homes before my family could and show them around the house as if I was an agent. "Here we have the master bedroom with a wonderful walk in closet." I would tell the agent "I'll take it from here." Getting the picture?

The reason I share this isn't to only show you how lucky my family is to have me, but because no matter where you are in your real estate process, I understand where you are. This career is a passion for me, I care and want the best for each and every one of my clients.